Clip::plus provides an unconscious design solution for uniformed photo clip
It naturally links the behaviourly similarity between hanger cloth and clip photo on the string
And further leads to the inspirtation of the shape of the clip
This design also attempts to explore the philosophy embed in the daily gargets

UNNC, Ningbo
Dec, 2018

Supervisor:Dr. Xu Sun
Dr. Bingjian Liu

#Children products
#Affordance principle
#Package design





Affordances are an object’s properties that show the possible actions users can take with it, thereby suggesting how they may interact with that object. For instance, a button can look as if it needs to be turned or pushed. The characteristics of the button which make it look “turnable” or “pushable” together form its affordances.

— Psychologist, James Gibson








Clip plus is a one-piece uniformed injection molded design solution for initiative use of children. It eliminates the production costs to the extreme by unibody design of the clip and avoids the potential risk that the small gadgets might be swallowed by children and at the same time brings the manufacturing cost down. The unique prosperity of this design is that It naturally link the behaviors of clipping photos to hanging clothes on the string which embedded the affordance design principles.