Well done for the work you made on day one tutorial
In day two we will go deep into the basic principles behind arduino
And attempt some of the very basic experiment built on it.


You can download the lecture through the link provided below:


You are welcome to view the homework through the link lised at the button
Solutions are listed seperated as arduino files.



Below I will post some of the frequent mistakes you have made in the seminar.

***Notice the capital letter

pinModeLEDOUTPUT)  //正确
pinModeLEDoutput)  //错误
pinmodeLEDOUTPUT)  //错误
***Forget about the {} for loop

void loop()
 for (int i=0; i<5; i++)
  digitalWrite(Sensor, HIGH);
 } //此中括号为for循环所修饰
} //此中括号为loop循环所修饰