Safety is a major concern when pedestrian walk at night
Limited by resources, a lot of areas can not be covered by patrol
Therefore it leaves potential dangerous to pedestrian
Inspired by the prosperous development of shared economy
A drone service to increase night safety is created

Aarhus Universitet, Denmark
May — Jul, 2017


Idea Generation: Congzhen Ma
Zeyuan Zhang
Zihan Li

Supervisor:Mr.Shiming Li

#Service Design
#Product Design



Surveillance cameras can not cover all areas, therefore, are limited in its usage.
Inspired by the shared economy, this design combines both mobility and utilization of infrastructure
to create a system available for all users and maximize the capacity of monitoring systems.


User journey





A warm solution to protect your safety at night.


1. Set your route

Set your destination and check
the estimated arrive time.


2. Emergency

When there is a emergency
call for help by the SOS button.


3. Checkout

Check the trip information
and pay with an affordable price.


4. Settings

Fill the personal information
and emergency contact in
the setting page.




After service



Firefly drone service design generates from the idea to increase pedestrian safety at night in the form of shared economy. Inspired by the booming development of shared economy globally, I start to think the possibilities of utilizing this economic form to take over the stuff which is not that cost effective or hard to be executed in the past.

The user can pre-order this service on their smartphones to choose the destination and the system will send the nearest drones to the customer. During the service, the drone will automatically follow the customer for lightening, navigating and video recording purpose to deter the potential crime. When an emergency happens, it can report to the police immediately. When out of the service, the drone can fly the nearest street lamp for charging purpose and can be treated as a surveillance camera if needed.

After evaluating the economic and technical availability, we believe this service can greatly deter the potential crime at night with the minimum social resources cost.