R is a reverse engineering of injection molding mold design
Material properties and mold design parameters are under explorations
Toghter with the enginerring drawing detailed knowledge

UNNC, Ningbo
Oct — Dec, 2018

Supervisor:Dr. Adam Rushworth

#Mold design
#Injection molding
#Reverse engineering

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The component

Juice filter is an accessory that can be used to squeeze fresh juice. To achieve this function, it contains four parts which are the juice squeezer, filter basket, shaft, and container. Switch on the power, the torque will be transmitted by the shaft to the gear, then to the squeezer for rotation. Simply push the fruit half to the rotating squeezer to make juice. As the parts directly contact with the food, it requires careful selection of material and manufacturing routine. The following report will discuss on aspects related with materials, manufacturing route, critical features and quality control of the juice filter basket.




Injection molding

Generally, this process startswith the preparation of the raw materials particles which can either from recycled sources or from synthetic sources. Then the polymer granules are fed into the hopper for mixing purpose. In this step, plasticizer or other additives can be added to increase the performance of the material. The particles are then heated, mixed and transmitted to the nozzle through the reciprocating screw and heating elements around. The screw tips and check ring control the injection of the melt and prevent the reflux of the material. To achieve the critical features such as

inter locking structure, the mold requires sliding cores. After injection and cooling, the mold opens, the cores slide out and the ejection pins, which is driven by hydraulic clamping, push the part out from the mold. The travel distance of the ejector pins is controlled by the springs. Note, the sliding cores need slide out first to enable the ejectionof the part(see figure 6). Then the mold close and start with the next injection cycle and the part is transmitted to other workstations for other processes


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Full report is avaliable.



Reverse is an attempt to recreate the injection mold.