People face different plight daily
Which may drive us to the edge of breakdown
Powerbank helps your phone back to the energetic state
And you also need something to make yourself back to a alive person
I would like use metaphor to remind people of the real 'me'
And be a person with all of the things that defines us as a person

UNNC, Ningbo
Jan — Feb, 2018


Supervisor: Zhanling Feng

#Design semantic
#Emotional design
#Interaction design




The metaphor

The relationship between power bank and phone can be compared with people's heart and people
Power bank can charge phones when the battery dies and make it back to energetic
This meaning can be applied to raise up people awareness as well
You should not be a walking dead under a stressful life, follow you real heart as it is the source of your soul.
Be an alive person with abundant emotions.


Cracked heart — Leehom Wang

This song transfers the metaphor accurately
Our hearts crack, broke and reborn
Just like we face depression, happiness and many
other emotions everyday

I hope this semantic can deliver the warm meaning
to those people who face pressure


The interaction



In this power bank design, I would like to bring a warm feeling to its users by organic shape and tangible interaction method.
Also, the combination of cable and the body to form a closed shape of a object inspires me…





I believe a design should be both internally and externally beautiful in terms of aesthetic values and semantic meanings. This is an attempt of emotional design and through this portable electronic gadget, I explore two topics, first is the relationship between smartphone and modern citizen, the other is the interactive way for a non-screen oriented device.

For the emotional part, most electronic devices follows the rule, form follows function and leads to the tedious appearance which is a simple extrusion of a block. By giving it a heart shape I would like to transmit the message to a user that try to maintain your heart as it the source of human and be a real human with the emotions. Do not be over stressed like a walking dead which is not supposed to be the real state of us, but as an alive person.

While for interaction, most of the electronic devices are screen oriented and this leads me to think a step further, is there better interactive design strategies for power bank which does not rely on those tiny lights to inform the remaining battery. And LRA jumps into my mind. The built- in vibrator can vibrate in different intensity to create tangible feedback by tapping the surface to inform the remaining battery or simply be treated as an interactive feature to be endued with extra value as a symbolization of heartbeats.