Internet is a free space
We talk what we want even if it breaks the ethical boundary
I would like use this concept design to make people feel and touch
How powerful their words can be

UNNC, Ningbo | Jul — Aug, 2018
Aarhus university, Denmark | Jun — Jul, 2017


Supervisor:Dr. Kristoffer Laigaard Nielbo

# Interaction design
# Programming









This project is derived from one of the coursework in texting mining with Python. Indeed, social media shapes the way we gather information, the way we make friends but it influences our language as well. It shapes citizens into a split ego, the angle under the sunlight and the evil behind the screen. Words from an anonymous and virtual world can truly hurt a real person in real.

It is a duty to ensure ourselves not involved in spreading violence. Therefore, I would like to use this kind of experimental device to arouse public awareness to the cyber bullet by actually fell it in the visual form.

Although this primary prototype reaches part of my exception, it still has a lot of space to be improved. For instance, replace the cam structure into a step motor system which can control the movement in vertical direction more accurate.